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    • Tim O'Brien Speaks at WCSU 

      Stewart, Peggy (2009-10-01)
      Tim O'Brien speaks to a group of students at WCSU.
    • Tim O'Brien Speaks at WCSU 

      Stewart, Peggy (2009-10-01)
      Tim O'Brien speaks to a class at WCSU.
    • Tim O'Brien Speaks at WCSU 

      Stewart, Peggy (2010-10-01)
      Students listening to Tim O'Brien.
    • Tim O'Brien Speaks At WCSU 

      Stewart, Peggy (2009-10-01)
      Tim O'Brien speaks to a group of students at WCSU.
    • Tim O'Brien Speaks at WCSU 

      Stewart, Peggy (2009-10-01)
      Tim O'Brien speaks to a class at WCSU.
    • Torus Palatinus: A New Anatomical Correlation with Bone Density in Postmenopausal Women 

      Belsky, Joseph; Hamer, Josie; Hubert, Janet; Insogna, Karl; Johns, William (2003-01-01)
      The observation that subjects who have a striking oral exostosis, called torus palatinus, also tended to have normal or high bone densities prompted us to examine an unselected population referred for bone density assessment ...
    • Travels with Mike: In Search of the World 

      Seedorff, Sofie (2011-05-12)
      This collection of short travel essays describes a journey across the North American continent. The individual pieces depict the adventures, hardships and bizarre places visited while on the road. The work is divided into ...
    • Truth and Darkness 

      Arrowitz, Jason (2011-05-16)
      When a young girl's abusive father is suddenly caught and murdered by the mysterious Stranger, her small world is suddenly and irrevocably transformed. While the girl struggles with her new reality, the Stranger struggles ...
    • Tuskegee Airmen at WestConn 

      Jackson, Sarah (interviewer) (2008-05-05)
      2 Pilots discuss their childhoods and experiences in WWII -- challenges faced and exploits (1943-1945)
    • Twin-Sun River: An American POW in China 

      Qi, Shouhua (WingsAsClouds Press, 2011-08-01)
      "Twin-Sun River" tells the story of Pfc Simon Mackenzie who chooses to disappear in the heartland of China to chase his "Walden" or "Peach Orchard Outside the World" dream soon after the armistice was effected. There, in ...
    • Type: Gate - The Divergence Zone 

      Kennedy, Stephen (2012-05-01)
      The Divergence zone is a story that takes place within a wider series of stories called Type:Gate. This particular story is about a 15 year-old boy in a group home who is ignored to an absurd degree by everyone. He almost ...
    • Under the Rock 

      Beyer, James (2011-05-12)
      In a world full of harsh situations and unfortunate outcomes, Chelsea Matthews has kept to herself almost her entire life. This long story follows the life of Chelsea and illustrates her hardships in a world all by herself. ...
    • Undergraduate Thesis Requirements 

      WRT465 (2007-11-27)
      Outline of format and content requirements for undergraduate theses.
    • Understanding Ethics in Public Relations: Essentials for a Graduating Public Relations Major 

      Sincerbeaux, Caitlyn (2012-04-19)
      This thesis project is a collection of public relations research and materials focused on guiding recently graduated public relations majors through some of the ethical dilemmas of the public relations career. A hypothetical ...

      Guertin, Susan (2015-05-08)
      <p>The purpose of this qualitative, multiple-case study was to investigate the catalysts and barriers related to implementing inquiry-based instruction in elementary school from the perspective of third, fourth, and fifth ...

      Gundel, Erik (2018-05-01)
      <p>The purpose of this mixed methods multiple case study was to gain insight into the self-efficacy beliefs of pre-service teachers participating in a curriculum enhanced via mixed reality simulation experiences. There ...
    • University Astronomy: Instructional Strategies for the Visually Impaired 

      Dawson, Dennis (2008-01-01)
      While teaching a spring laboratory course in general university astronomy, I agreed to provide instruction to a student who had been advised against laboratory work in chemistry and biology because of her significant visual ...
    • University Management with Jhumpa Lahiri 

      Stewart, Peggy (2008-10-01)
      Management staff pose with author Jhumpa Lahiri. From left to right are: Linda Vaden-Goad (dean of arts and sciences) Linda Rinker (University provost), Walter Bernstein (VP of Student Affairs), Koryoe Anim-Wright (VP of ...
    • untitled 

      Greene, Travis (2012-12-13)
      This is a piece of memoir. I was diagnosed with Traumatic Brain Injury in the fall of 2008 after flipping my Mini Cooper over a median of the Merritt Parkway and crashing it into a tree. This is an account of my life during ...

      Carroll, Amy (2019-12-15)
      <p>The purpose of this study was to understand special education teachers’ perceptions of their preparedness to teach students with learning disabilities in urban schools, particularly in relation to their expectations ...