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    • War Experiences in Rural Germany 1914-1923. 

      Nolan, Michael (2009-03-01)
    • We All Fall Down 

      Appleby, Rachel (2008-05-16)
      Abstract : This thesis contains six shortened chapters of the novel We All Fall Down. We All Fall Down is an emotional story of an average woman, Ava, whose greatest desire in life is to be a mother, and the moment she ...
    • Weed Control 

      Miller, Jack (2012-12-13)
      This fictional story takes place in a small town in Oregon. Recently, rich vacationers have been moving there in hopes of finding a rural getaway. With the rich people come country clubs, massively increased sweater ...
    • Weinkauf Senior Thesis 2009 

      Weinkauf, Kristin (2009-06-12)
    • WestConn Research Day, May 13, 2010 

      2010 WRD Committee (2011-03-16)
      WestConn Research Day, May 13, 2010
    • Western Connecticut State University Department of Writing, Linguistics, and Creative Process - A PR Campaign 

      Warner, Julie (5/10/2008)
      This project is a public relations campaign and press kit for the new department of Writing, Linguistics, and Creative Process at Western Connecticut State University. The project is in two parts, the first being the PR ...
    • Western Literature in China and the Translation of a Nation 

      Qi, Shouhua (Palgrave Macmillan York, 2012-02-01)
      This book traces the contours of the ways in which Western literature (in both the broad and narrow sense) was introduced and received in China from the 1840s to the present. It is an attempt to navigate and unpack the ...
    • Western Research Day, May 12, 2011 

      Western Connecticut State University., WRD Committee (2011-05-13)
    • What A MESS 

      Eppinger, Sydney (2013-05-07)
      This thesis represents the first eight chapters of what will ultimately become a young adult novel. An outline for the remaining novel appears at the end of this thesis. What a MESS begins on move-in day of the Fall ...
    • What I Learned From Friday Nights 

      Turley, Beth (2016-05-22)
      <p><em>What I Learned from Friday Nights</em> is a 50,000 word contemporary young adult novel on the issues that keep teenagers quiet. The novel focuses specifically on the topic of abortion and the emotional complications ...
    • WHAT IS MY LIFE: Confessions of a Future Cat Lady and Potential Member of Binge Eaters Anonymous 

      Andre, Emily (2013-05-07)
      This project is the first nine chapters of a creative non-fiction piece about the trials, the confusion, and the awkwardness of trying to find true love. The author uses a sarcastic, cynical, humorous, yet hopeful tone to ...
    • What Now Pops? 

      Gray, Matthew (2010-05-20)
      This project is an introspective narrative focusing on the neurosis and anxiety that is often experienced by undergrads approaching graduation. "What Now Pops?" is an insight into the mind of an archetypal Generation Y ...
    • When The Balloon Goes Up 

      Ripollone, Mike (2011-05-17)
      Nicky Red was always an uptight right wing conservative Republican. His "be prepared for anything" attitude is what enabled his family to survive the apocalypse. Now that they are running low on food and moral will they ...
    • When the Purple Mountain Burns: A Novel 

      Qi, Shouhua (Long River Press Francisco, 2005-07-01)
      This is an unprecedented first novel by a native son of Nanking, set during the first six days after the fall of the city to the Japanese imperial army in December of 1937. Shouhua Qi has crafted a diverse array of characters: ...
    • Where the Huck is Finn? The Hunt for Huckleberry Finn in Hannibal 

      Zima, Dusty (2010-05-22)
      The Mississippi River town of Hannibal, Missouri clings to the romanticized notion that it is "America's Hometown." The visitor's bureau, chamber of commerce, and the Hannibal Jaycees strive to portray Hannibal as an ideal ...
    • Who Am I? 

      Steiner, Eric (2012-12-13)
      2 Thesis Abstract This project is a collection of ten-minute plays that is centered on the theme of identity. Who am I? is a question that everyone reflects on at some point in life . In the first play, Holy Shit, Frank, ...
    • Who Killed the Constitution? 

      Woods, Thomas; Gutzman, Kevin (Three Rivers Press York, 2009-07-07)
      "Woods and Gutzman (two bestselling authors in thePolitically Incorrect Guide series) appeal to both left and right in this constitutionalist jeremiad. Liberals will agree about the unconstitutionality of the draft, ...
    • Who Killed the Constitution? The Fate of American Liberty from World War I to George W. Bush 

      Gutzman, Kevin (Crown Forum, 2008-01-01)
      From Amazon: The fact is that government officials long ago rejected the idea that the Constitution possesses a fixed meaning limiting the U.S. government's power. Going right to the scenes of the crimes, bestselling ...
    • William Carpenter (interview) 

      Carpenter, William; Gordon, Jeff (interviewer) (2008-04-23)
      Carpenter was involved with securing towns and territory behind the lines and was a mechanic, 1944-1945. Carpenter discusses war souvenirs that he acquired while in the service, including a firearms, knives, books, etc.
    • Witches, Wolves, and Wilderness: Notions of Purity and Righteous Domination in Early America 

      Burton, Neil (2020-06-01)
      An examination of the ideological, theological, and archetypal forces behind early New England colonists' conception of America as the potential for a "New Canaan", an idealized and restocked version of the overburdened, ...