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      Beall, Kathy (2019-05-12)
      <p>Emmy lives in a sleepy New Mexico town in 1952, where she yearns to escape and experience adventure. Her answer appears when alluring and devilishly handsome Joseph arrives. No one trusts him, yet Emmy becomes caught ...
    • Cargo 

      Polito, Matthew (2010-12-16)
      This thesis project is a short fiction story, written as a third person narrative. An unmarried couple in their late twenties goes on a weekend getaway off the Californian coast and encounters paranormal events and beings ...
    • Carol's Hourglass 

      Serrano, Zulai (2012-05-01)
      This thesis project is the first five chapters and a summary of a fiction novel, Carol's Hourglass. After Thea's sister, Carol, commits suicide in the Rosewood Institute of The Living, she inherits all of her assets. Thea ...
    • Changeling 

      Mazur, Drew (2013-05-07)
      This collection is composed of poems that convey the style and forms of selected poets. Presented is a short introduction for each poet, and poems (in bold) written by these poets next to my poems that react to these poems, ...
    • Changes in Mitochondria Properties with the Transdifferentiation of Human Hematopoietic Stem Cells into Neuron-like Cells 

      Walking Woman, Hermelinda (2011-10-18)
      Recent progress in stem cell research has demonstrated the therapeutic potential for stem cells to repair the damage in humans that results from injury, degenerative disorders, and cellular abnormalities. Researchers ...
    • Character and crime: the effects of self-identity and decision making strategies 

      Kyek, Rosa (2007-06-12)
      A new variable, the Self-Identification Factor (i.e. the extent to which an individual can identify or relate to another person) may override other variables thought to influence suggestions for punishment. Level of ...

      Anekwe, Patricia (2008-05-01)
      <p>This study investigated the characteristics and challenges of high-achieving second- generation Nigerian youths in the United States. An increasing number of youths in America’s schools are from immigrant backgrounds ...
    • Charlie Flaherty (interview) 

      Flaherty, Charlie; Kmetz, Stephen (2008-05-14)
      Flaherty signed up for the Navy but was transferred to the U.S. Army to be a train conductor . Helped in the transportation of liberated concentration camp inmates.
    • Charlie Munch (interview) 

      Munch, Charlie; Stalvey, William (interviewer) (2008-05-07)
      Munch flew oil tankers from India over the "hump" (Himalayas) into China 1944-1945. He was also a flight instructor early in the war. He was the commander of the Sherman Veterans Society.
    • Chasing Sirens 

      Seaman, Zach (2012-12-13)
      Chasing Sirens is a coming-of-age story of Charlie Miller, a young man from Chittenango, New York, whose girlfriend, Julia, left him inexplicably three years prior. Upon learning of her whereabouts he mounts a cross-country ...
    • Children of Khaos 

      Van Hook, Diane (2018-05-20)
      <p>Malika Andrews has no magick powers, no knowledge of the skeletons rattling in her family's closet, and no idea of the forces on the shadows gathering against her and those she cares about.</p> <p>All that is about to ...
    • China Complex: From the Sublime to the Absurd on the U.S.-China Scene 

      Qi, Shouhua (Long River Press Francisco, 2009-11-01)
      For more than a century, the United States and China have been partners in an occasionally graceful, sometimes awkward cultural-political tango. In this insightful narrative, Shouhua Qi, part of a new generation of scholars ...
    • Chromosome Counts for Callitriche (Callitrichaceae) in North America 

      Philbrick, Tom (1994-01-01)
      Somatic chromosome numbers are reported for nine species and one variety of Callitriche (Callitrichaceae). The following new reports are included: 2n = 20 (C. nuttallii, C. marginata), 2n = 40 for one of four populations ...
    • Class Interaction with Author Tim O'Brien 

      Stewart, Peggy (2010-10-01)
      Tim O'Brien is asked a question by a student in a WCSU class.

      D'Andrea, Catherine (2019-05-19)
      <p><em>Cleavage </em>is a collection of contemporary poems about the author’s experience with cancer, the effects of war, and relationships and nature. They attempt to identify opposing forces in the world and within ...
    • Cloning and Expression of a Haloacid Dehalogenase Enzyme 

      Van, Skyler (2011-05-14)
      The purpose of this research project is to clone the gene JHP1130 from Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori). JHP1130 is a member of the Haloacid Dehalogenase (HAD) superfamily, which is characterized by a varied group including ...

      Carroll, Richard (2018-05-01)
      <p>This study was used to explore the perceptions of recent high school graduates about their levels of preparedness for post-secondary life after they engaged in experiential learning while in high school. The source of ...
    • Collinder 110: An Old Open Cluster in Monoceros 

      Dawson, Dennis; Ianna, Phillip (1998-03-01)
      Results of photoelectric UBV RI photometry of 78 stars and photographic PDS and CCD photometry for 437 stars are presented for Collinder 110, an old open cluster at low Galactic latitude. Proper motions obtained from Lick ...