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      Wagener, Stephen [2]
      Walking Woman, Hermelinda [1]
      Walters, Nicole [1]
      Warner, Julie [1]
      We are grateful for collaborative partnerships that made this research possible. The development and distribution of the survey would not be possible without the dedication and collaboration from the following partners: H. Thomas Brant, Amity Regional School District No. 5, Connecticut Association of School Psychologists; Jay Brown, Connecticut Department of Education; John Byrne, SMG Corporate Services; Dr. Jo Ann Freiberg, School Climate Consultants; Dr. Paula Gill Lopez, Fairfield University; TFC. Trevor Gregor, Connecticut State Police, State SRO Liaison; Dr. Jeffrey Kitching, EdAdvance, Connecticut RESC Alliance; Dr. Joseph Kobza, Monroe Public Schools; SA Marc LaFrance, FBI New Haven Field Office; Kimberly Laughlin, New Fairfield Public Schools; Dan Levy, Hamden Public Schools; Robert Mahoney, Department of Homeland Security; Deputy Chief Shaun McColgan, Danbury Police; Officer Robert Morlock, Danbury Police; Jeff Nielsen, Milford Public Schools; Dr. Beth Smith, Educational Consultant; William Turley, Connecticut Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security [1]
      Weinkauf, Kristin [1]
      Weinstein, Ilyse [1]
      Weinstein, Laurie [6]
      Weiss, Leia [1]
      Westerholm, Russell [1]
      Western Connecticut State University. Department of Sociology., Manes, R. Averell [1]
      Western Connecticut State University., WRD Committee [1]
      Wheeler, George [1]
      White, Brianna [1]
      White, Christie [1]
      Whitlock, Meghan [1]
      Wilcox, Wynn [3]
      Wittstein, Max [1]
      Wolf, Chelsea [1]
      Woodel-Johnson, Billie [1]