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    • Preanthesis Cleistogamy in the Genus Podostemum (Podostemaceae) 

      Philbrick, Tom; Vomela, Milada; Novelo, Alejandro (2006-01-01)
      Podostemum from South America (P. comatum, P. distichum, P. irgangii, P. muelleri, P. ovatum, P. rutifolium subsp. rutifolium, P. scaturiginum, P. weddellianum) and the North American P. ceratophyllum. Fluorescence microscopy ...
    • Women, Westernization and the Origins of Modern Vietnamese Theatre 

      Wilcox, Wynn (2006-06-01)
      Modern spoken theatre emerged in Vietnam in the context of intellectual and social upheaval in the 1920s and 1930s. Plays in this period focused on the status of women, the effects of Westernization and the emergence of ...
    • Effects of making moral decisions on moral hypocrisy 

      Finney, Jennifer (2006-09-20)
      The effect of making a moral decision on ratings of moral and immoral behaviors was investigated to see if there were differences based on whether the participant made a moral or immoral decision prior to completing ...
    • The effects of labeling and social desirability on perceived success of a learning disabled student 

      Hunt, Faith G. (2006-09-20)
      This research examined the effects of specific learning disability labels and participant social desirability scores on peer judgments of a target person's social and academic success. Participants were given a description ...
    • Attitudes toward the willingness to help 

      Query, Patricia F. (2006-09-20)
      The social psychological issue of bystander intervention and helping behavior has been widely studied in a variety of situations ranging from direct observation of helping behavior to self-report indications of willingness ...
    • The effects of odor on compliance and willingness to volunteer 

      James, Anne L. (2006-09-20)
      The present study focused on the effects of lavender and peppermint ambient odor on compliance and volunteerism. It was hypothesized that participants exposed to peppermint oil versus lavender oil versus no odor would be ...
    • How drive for thinness moderates the influence of media on female body image 

      Pavelo, Maria (2006-09-20)
      This study was designed to investigate how drive for thinness moderates the influence of media on female body image and self-esteem. Drive for thinness is defined as an excessive concern with dieting, preoccupation with ...
    • The effects of gender and facial expressions on human interaction 

      Husvar, Brian (2006-09-20)
      This experiment explores the effects of a supermarket clerk's facial expression and the effects of the clerk's gender on the subsequent interaction between the clerk and customer. One hypothesis of this experiment was that ...
    • Does rap or rock music provoke violent behavior? 

      Tropeano, Eliana (2006-09-20)
      This study examined whether or not watching a violent music video would provoke individuals to answer questions with violent responses. Eleven participants watched a violent music video, 11 participants watched a nonviolent ...
    • Editorial: Birth of a Journal 

      Barrett, Daniel (2006-09-25)
    • The Children Left Behind 

      Zeller, Maura (2007)
      The following paper is a collection of researched data and personal stories from teaching professionals about the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) of 2001 and the stress that accommodates standardized testing. As well as ...
    • The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Constitution 

      Gutzman, Kevin (Regnery Publishing, DC, 2007-01-01)
      Table of Contents: What made the Constitution: revolution and confederation, Federalism vs. Nationalism at the Philadelphia convention, Selling the Constitution, Judges: Power-hungry from the beginning, The imperial ...
    • Virginia's American Revolution : from dominion to republic, 1776-1840 

      Gutzman, Kevin (Lanham : Lexington Books, 2007-01-01)
      Table of Contents: Establishing a Republic, Implementing the Revolution, 1776-1788, The Virginia Ratification Convention of 1788, Defending Virginia's Revolution against the Federalists, "May all your dreams come true," ...
    • Oral history interview with Donato Monaco 

      Iliff, Dan (2007-01-30)
      Mr. Donato, a first generation Italian immigrant, discusses a wide range of topics detailing his experience as an immigrant in the New York and Danbury areas. Topics of historical interest discussed include agrarian issues ...
    • Oral history interview with Tokiko Thorpe 

      Parziale, Vinnie (2007-02-20)
      Subject relates how she began a successful restaurant in Danbury as well as describing her experiences as a Japanese immigrant in America.
    • Oral history interview with Shalu 

      Roman, David Jr. (2007-02-20)
    • Oral history interview with unidentified immigrant from Puerto Rico 

      Vega, Cristina (2007-02-20)
      The subject, a male, forty-five-year-old former United States Marine, discusses immigrating to America from Puerto Rico at the age of twelve. He details his youth in Bridgeport, Connecticut. topics include racism, ...
    • Oral history interview with Munir Fahreddine 

      Fayyad, Linda (2007-03-25)
      Mr. Fahreddine relates his experiences living in Lebanon as a youth to his move to America seeking better employment opportunities. Similarities between Lebanon and Danbury Ct. are covered, as is the subjects life as a ...
    • Oral history interview with Lucia Lamperelli 

      Lamperelli, Joe (2007-03-25)
      Mrs. Lamperelli relates her story as an Italian immigrant who endures a harrowing and prolonged seaborne trans-Atlantic journey. Her arranged marriage, culture shock, and struggles to overcome familial problems, language ...