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    • Enduring Traditions: The Native Peoples of New England 

      Weinstein, Laurie (Praeger Barbara, California, 1994-07-21)
      A collection of native New England histories written by anthropologists, native peoples, ethnobotanists and art historians. This collection of Native American histories written by anthropologists, native peoples, ethnobotanists, ...
    • Gender Camouflage: Women and the U.S. Military 

      D'Amico, Francine; Weinstein, Laurie (New York University Press York, 1999-03-01)
      <p><em>Gender Camouflage </em>brings together a diverse array of authors to explore the controversy surrounding women's military service, to examine the invisibility of civilian women who support the institution, and to ...
    • Native People of Southern New England, 1500-1650 

      Weinstein, Laurie (1997-07-01)
    • Native Peoples of the Southwest: Negotiating Land, Water, and Ethnicities 

      Weinstein, Laurie (Praeger Barbara, California, 2002-04-30)
      <p>For all peoples on all continents and for all times, water has been the blood of life. It is fitting then, that this book about the peoples of the Southwest be dedicated to an examination of water in a land that has ...
    • Wives and Warriors: Women and the Military in the United States and Canada 

      Weinstein, Laurie; White, Christie (Praeger Barbara, CA, 1997-04-30)
      This book is about the women who serve the military as wives and those who serve as soldiers, sailors, and flyers. Comparing wives and warriors in the U.S. and Canada, it examines how the military in both countries constructs ...