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      Veazey, Karen (2016-05-22)
      <p>ANXIOUS: SAVING MY SELF FROM MY BRAIN is the story of a childhood and adolescence colored by depression and anxiety. In raw, personal moments, the memoir explores how untreated psychological problems impact a developing ...
    • Event Program Guide 2009 

      Unknown author (2009-10-01)
    • Hang Up Your Cleats 

      LeConche, Lindsey (2010-12-16)
      This thesis project has two parts focusing on teaching memoir writing in middle school. The first part is a sample memoir written by the author about a 10-year period in her life to become a soccer athlete. The first part ...
    • Retrospect 

      Lopez-Gay, Jazmyn (2013-12-12)
      Retrospect is a collection of three creative non-fiction stories. Together they create one cumulative piece ending with an epilogue on the stories as a whole. Each of the stories is named for a man they revolve around; ...

      Moffett, Kimberly (2018-05-05)
      <p><em>Shhh! Nana’s Talking</em> centers on important incidents, discussions, and confrontations, as well as the personal achievements of one African-American family. Individual essays guide the intention of these narratives ...
    • This Will be the Life of Me 

      Grant, Jason M. (2011-12-08)
      This project is the first six chapters of a memoir entitled This Will be the Life of Me. The memoir, written in a first person reflective voice tells true stories of struggle, humor, death, hard times, trouble, and ...
    • untitled 

      Greene, Travis (2012-12-13)
      This is a piece of memoir. I was diagnosed with Traumatic Brain Injury in the fall of 2008 after flipping my Mini Cooper over a median of the Merritt Parkway and crashing it into a tree. This is an account of my life during ...