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    • An Oral History Interview with Helen Fahey Roche 

      Mikhail, Eivilin (2007-08-31)
      Helen Roche was born of turn of the century immigrant parents. She presents the life of Michael Fahey, her father, the hardships of the era which forced him to immigrate, his service in WWI and goes on to detail his first ...
    • Oral History Interview with Francesco D. Piselli 

      Ballaro, Kimberly (2007-08-31)
      Francesco describes the state of his homeland after WWII and goes on to tell of his family's immigration. He describes the financial motivations of many Italian immigrants, including his own family's.
    • Oral History Interview with Marie Borgia 

      Cullen, Peter (2007-08-31)
      Marie Borgia was born in Sicily with the onset of the Great Depression, followed by World War II. She recounts the story of her brother who served for the Allies in WWII and was taken prisoner. She talks of her arrival in ...
    • Oral history interview with Tokiko Thorpe 

      Parziale, Vinnie (2007-02-20)
      Subject relates how she began a successful restaurant in Danbury as well as describing her experiences as a Japanese immigrant in America.
    • The 20th Century of American Fashion: 1900 - 2000 

      Kass, Alison G. (2011-05-19)
      This thesis project is a collection of articles that discuss American fashion during the 20th century. The articles are grouped by decade, starting in the year 1900 and finishing in the year 2000; with a double-decade ...
    • War Experiences in Rural Germany 1914-1923. 

      Nolan, Michael (2009-03-01)