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    University Astronomy: Instructional Strategies for the Visually Impaired
    (2008-01-01T00:00:00-08:00) Dawson, Dennis
    While teaching a spring laboratory course in general university astronomy, I agreed to provide instruction to a student who had been advised against laboratory work in chemistry and biology because of her significant visual impairment. This poster describes our mutual learning experience as we developed tactile concept demonstrations and laboratory exercises. Progress assessment issues and gaps in educational resources will also be discussed.
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    Collinder 110: An Old Open Cluster in Monoceros
    (1998-03-01T00:00:00-08:00) Dawson, Dennis; Ianna, Phillip
    Results of photoelectric UBV RI photometry of 78 stars and photographic PDS and CCD photometry for 437 stars are presented for Collinder 110, an old open cluster at low Galactic latitude. Proper motions obtained from Lick Sky Survey plates were used to identify 39 stars as foreground objects. The clusterÏs reddening, distance, and age are estimated as E(B[V )\0.50^0.03 mag, r\1950^300 pc, and t\1.4^0.3 Gyr, assuming a solar metal abundance.