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    The Bridge
    (2013-12-13T10:56:25Z) Ragonese, Allyson
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    Analyzing the Mentality of a Killer
    (2013-12-12T22:08:02Z) White, Brianna
    This is a journalistic, long-feature story exploring and analyzing the minds of three well-known, American serial killers and 21st century, scientific findings that will give the public understandable reason for their sadistic behavior. The three serial killers who are thoroughly discussed in this work are Herman Webster Mudgett – otherwise known as H.H. Holmes, Ted Bundy, and Albert Fish. The upbringing and daily lifestyles of these killers are discussed individually in this analysis and then linked to and explored through recent scientific findings in psychology.
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    The Art of Not Existing
    (2013-12-12T21:16:36Z) Berdan, Amanda
    The "Art of Not Existing" is a short story that follows the story of Conner, a senior in high school, who has been battling an eating disorder since his freshman year. After falling and coming close to death at a track meet, the story follows him through inpatient treatment and later to outpatient treatment. The reader sees his mental struggle with anorexia and Conner's will- power to fight it, or if in the end he lets the disease consume him.
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    Dreams Away & Animal
    (2013-12-12T21:00:17Z) McKay, Nicole
    These two creative non-fiction pieces, "Dreams Away" and "Animal," tell the stories of two different musicians whose paths are intertwined in the journey for a successful band. In "Dreams Away," Jay starts out as an aspiring musician, struggling to break away from his mother's tyrannical hand. He encounters hardships along the way, further enforcing his dream of one day playing alongside his idols. "Animal" continues with the story one of the "idol musicians," from Jay's dream, showing what life is like for those after they make it in the music industry. Addiction gets the better of Adam in "Animal" and he is forced to make the decision between music or giving up.
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    The Mechanical Man
    (2013-12-12T20:56:09Z) Zinni, Miranda
    In a post-apocalyptic world, where the government is issuing population control devices to prevent the planet Earth from spiraling into a second fallout, Pete, a fourteen-year-old boy, tries to piece the mysteries of his past together. As a child with a disability, he struggles to find his place, in a world in which he is outcast as a hindrance to a successful civilization. As he finds out more about his past, he uncovers corruption, evil plots, brainwashing, and the meaning of family.