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    • Back to Basics: Synopsis 

      Mauerman, Peter (2011-05-12)
      The following document is a synopsis of a compilation of thirteen articles written for a bushcraft or wilderness survival magazine or other publication. The intention of these articles are to educate and promote wilderness ...
    • Backmatter 

      Unknown author (2009-02-20)
    • Bad Superheroes 

      Honore, Michael (2011-05-13)
      This project is the first three chapters from the novel titled Bad Superheroes. Dr. Voom under the influence of his girlfriend V decides to set out to fix the Golden Gate Bridge, which, according to the rumors, is unstable ...
    • Balloons Over Stockholm 

      Scrimgeour, James (Fine Tooth Presshttp://www.finetoothpress.comWaterbury, CT, 2005-02-22)
      James Scrimgeour’s Balloons Over Stockholm takes the reader on dual trips – across the globe and into the heart and soul of the artist. The poet’s visit to Sweden is born out of necessity: he and his wife go to say goodbye ...
    • Beautiful Oblivion 

      Menard, Amanda (2013-12-12)
      My thesis is a short story set in the fantastical world of Fraylonia. The world itself is breaking apart under the strain of the evil Matron, who seeks to reform the world in her image. The majestic colors and magical ...
    • Becoming a Journalist: Experiences & Stories 

      Ryan, Kathryn (2010-05-11)
      This thesis project centers on the author's experience of reporting a small collection of news stories about the Greater Danbury area. The reporter sought stories that are not being told in the local newspaper, The News ...
    • Before The Snap 

      Martin, Norvell (2011-05-15)
      Before The Snap is an emotional football story of a young quarterback name Quincy Best that talks about going into his biggest game of his life; a state championship. He is also companied by his teammates Ricky Bivens, ...
    • Behind Closed Doors 

      Hohenshelt, Stewart Alan (2008-12-18)
      Abstract This is a creative play meant to inform and entertain anyone curious about working in an office environment. The play centers on an office romance set in a local advertiser tabloid newspaper. There is an element ...
    • Bending the Rules: How Canton Became the Success it Was not Meant to Be 

      Bragason, Sveinn (2005-05-01)
      Much has been written on the First Opium War (1839-42), which forced open the trade ports of the Chinese Celestial Kingdom. However, relatively little research has been done that looks more closely at what factors enabled ...
    • Benedict Senior Thesis 2009 

      Benedict, Joseph (2009-06-12)
    • Berto Civitillo (interview) 

      Civitillo, Berto; Schrager, Derek (2008-05-05)
      Civitillo was an Italian radio operator for the Italian army during WWII. Fought in North Africa and was captured near Tobruk.
    • Biodegradable Products are the Future 

      Iacovacci, Lauren (2010-05-11)
      This project examines the proposition that through the use of biodegradable products and recycling the United States will eventually be able to achieve environmental sustainability. For this to happen it will require the ...
    • Blended Families: What is the glue that holds them together? 

      Black, Kai-Lin (2010-05-11)
      A blended family describes a family in which the children are both adopted and biologically born. This type of family has become increasingly popular, and is the new face of adoption. This project outlines why these families ...
    • Bob Milo (interview) 

      Simeone, Nicholas (interviewer); Milo, Robert J. (2008-04-14)
      Bob Milo served in the United States Coast Guard from 1942-45.He served during the second world war in the south west Pacific. He served on the USS LST 26, which was a landing ship and transport vessel used for transporting ...
    • Brian Libelt (interview) 

      Gleeson, Mary (2008-05-07)
      Brian Libelt was in the 1st squad, 3rd Platoon, 94th MP Company assigned as a mark 19 gunner, a grenade launcher usually attached to a hummer. He was also trained in urban warfare, which required him to go on "snatch and ...

      Beall, Kathy (2019-05-12)
      <p>Emmy lives in a sleepy New Mexico town in 1952, where she yearns to escape and experience adventure. Her answer appears when alluring and devilishly handsome Joseph arrives. No one trusts him, yet Emmy becomes caught ...
    • Cargo 

      Polito, Matthew (2010-12-16)
      This thesis project is a short fiction story, written as a third person narrative. An unmarried couple in their late twenties goes on a weekend getaway off the Californian coast and encounters paranormal events and beings ...
    • Carol's Hourglass 

      Serrano, Zulai (2012-05-01)
      This thesis project is the first five chapters and a summary of a fiction novel, Carol's Hourglass. After Thea's sister, Carol, commits suicide in the Rosewood Institute of The Living, she inherits all of her assets. Thea ...
    • Changeling 

      Mazur, Drew (2013-05-07)
      This collection is composed of poems that convey the style and forms of selected poets. Presented is a short introduction for each poet, and poems (in bold) written by these poets next to my poems that react to these poems, ...