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    • Jack Crocker (interview) 

      Crocker, Jack; Martin, Spencer (interviewer) (2008-05-14)
      Crocker commented on being drafted, basic training, and transportation to the front. Radar operator for land forces in China.
    • James Lauber (interview) 

      Lauber, James; Liebelt, Brian (interviewer) (2008-05-19)
      Corporal USMC Iraq War Vet, Jimmy Lauber, wounded in Fallujah by a hand grenade. Member of C Company 1/25 Marines.
    • James Madison and the Making of America 

      Gutzman, Kevin (St. Martin’s Press York, 2012-01-01)
      This is the first full-length biography, in over a decade, of James Madison, our fourth President and icon of the conservative movement. In it, the author, a historian looks beyond Madison's traditional moniker, "The Father ...
    • James Madison and the Making of America 

      Gutzman, Kevin (St. Martin's Press York, 2012-02-12)
      In James Madison and the Making of America, historian Kevin Gutzman looks beyond the way James Madison is traditionally seen -- as "The Father of the Constitution" -- to find a more complex and sometimes contradictory ...
    • Jell-O Molds and Nacho Platters: Decade Defining Dishes in American Home-Entertaining from the 1950s-1990s 

      Stone, Danielle (2008-12-18)
      Each journalistic article in this collection explores one of America's most recognizable home-entertaining dishes of each decade from the 1950s to the 1990s, including Jell-O molds, fondue and quiche. The collection is ...
    • Jesus in L.A. 

      Carney, Emily (2018-04-01)
      <p><em>Jesus in L.A.</em> follows the lives of Jesus, the collection’s protagonist and the twenty-first-century version of Jesus Christ; Jesus Christ, or “Christ,” the biblical version of Jesus Christ; and Jesus’ ex-girlfriend, ...
    • John Hartcorn Interview 

      Bonisalli, Jeff--Interviewer; Hartcorn, John (2009-09-09)
      John Hartcorn's experience coming to America
    • Johnny Boy 

      Parisi, Peter (2013-05-07)
      Johnny Boy is a long short story about a young bartender, who works at a restaurant called Big Bob's, and his relationships with his father, his friend Rich, his fiancée, and his temptress. John, the main character, was ...
    • Jonestown 

      Gagnier, Christian (2013-12-12)
      This screenplay, projected to be between 120-150 pages, chronicles Reverend Jim Jones' life from youth, adulthood, and eventual descent into madness, leading to the murder/suicide of over 900 People's Temple members. The ...
    • Joseph Borst (Interviewee) 

      Borst, Joseph (2008-05-02)
    • Just Your Average Flag Twirler 

      Nevin, Chelsea (2020-12-01)
      <p><em>Just Your Average Flag Twirler</em> is a coming of age story about Darlene “Weezy” Weasner, a sixteen-year-old girl who loves color guard. Ever since she joined marching band in ninth grade, she’s created a family ...
    • Keep Moving Forward 

      Trejo, Jes (Jes Trejo, 4/28/2012)
      Keep Moving Forward is a story written in the inspiration of author Charles Bukowski, specifically in spirit of Ham On Rye. Similarly to that novel, this story is written in the form of dirty realism, with an intended ...
    • Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and the Developments of the 9/11 Trial 

      Durkin, Joshua (2010-05-11)
      This thesis explores what the author learned while reporting on the developments of the 9/11 trial from January through April 2010. The thesis explores several narratives the surround the trial to prosecute self-professed ...
    • Kill 'Em Dead 

      Domenic, Molinaro (2012-12-13)
      This thesis is parts of a larger work tentatively titled "Kill 'Em Dead". In this work the protagonist is a zombie in an unnamed technological wasteland. Hi mimics the detectives and cowboys. They are both in a fugue state ...
    • Killing It 

      Bernier, Carolyn (2018-08-20)
      <p>Though Sloan has graduated college, she still lives with her parents in suburbia. It’s the late aughts and the economy has faltered. Poor job prospects dim Sloan’s view of life. She fights for a decent job and creative ...
    • Language and the Negotiation of Power Relationships in Selected Lais of Marie de France 

      Roberts, Karen (2007-12-22)
      The twelfth-century Lais of Marie de France reveal a societal move from using violence and force as the predominant method of negotiating power relationships to the use of language and words to affect the power dynamic ...
    • Leading Man: Hollywood and the Presidential Image (The) 

      Peretti, Burton (Rutgers University Press,4151.aspxPrinceton, NJ, 2012-09-01)
      In The Leading Man, Burton W. Peretti explores the development of the cinematic presidential image. He sets the scene in chapter 1 to show us how the chief executive, beginning with George Washington, was positioned to ...
    • Less Paper, More Learning: The Future of Education 

      Kilgore, Kristopher (2012-05-01)
      Technological advances are becoming more and more present in the modern day world, including in the school systems. In past years, schools have already been exposed to newer technology such as SMART boards, laptops, and ...