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    • Salha Senior Thesis 2009 

      Salha, Fernanda (2009-06-12)
    • Scanlon Senior Thesis 2009 

      Scanlon, Jacqueline (2009-06-12)
    • Scanning Jordan 

      McCadden, Jessica (2016-05-22)
      <p><em>Scanning Jordan</em> is a 56,000-word young adult dystopian novel about a sixteen-year-old girl in the near future who lives with the compound of Ubble, a powerful corporation that is taking over the world and ...
    • Seed Germination of Mexican Podostemaceae 

      Philbrick, Tom; Novelo, Alejandro (1994-05-01)
    • Seeing Red 

      Myers, Stephanie (2017-06-01)
      <p><em>Seeing Red</em> is a YA modern fantasy that reimagines the fairy tale “Little Red Riding Hood” and brings in new versions of known fairy tale characters like Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. It focuses on 17-year-old ...
    • Servant's of Desire in Virginia Woolf's Shorter Fiction (The) 

      Levy, Heather (Peter Lang International Academic Publishers York, 2010-01-01)
      The Servants of Desire in Virginia Woolf's Shorter Fiction proposes an insight into the ways in which Virginia Woolf engaged with questions of how class influences working women's occupation of private and public space and ...

      Frulla, Gabrielle (2019-12-16)
      <p>Horror stories are amongst the oldest forms of entertainment. The horror genre has focused on death, evil, demons, and life. The genre plays with the darker side of our psyches—the shadow self—and creates monsters, ...

      Moffett, Kimberly (2018-05-05)
      <p><em>Shhh! Nana’s Talking</em> centers on important incidents, discussions, and confrontations, as well as the personal achievements of one African-American family. Individual essays guide the intention of these narratives ...
    • Social Sciences Journal 

      Western Connecticut State University. Department of Sociology., Manes, R. Averell (2009-04-06)
      The Social Sciences Journal was created to serve three primary purposes: to give Western Connecticut State University undergraduate students an outlet in which to publish original research in the social sciences, to gain ...
    • Song for Sunrise 

      Roland, Keith (2012-05-02)
      This thesis contains the first 12 chapters and synopsis of a novella. Song for Sunrise is set in the dreams of Lucille, a college student who falls into a coma after a failed attempt at suicide. Lucille accidentally struck ...
    • Sousa Senior Thesis 2009 

      Sousa, Suzana (2009-06-12)
    • Spellbound 

      Arce, Ivette (2020-05-17)
      <p>Spellbound is a 72,000-word modern teen fantasy novel told from the perspectives of both the monstrous, magical creature who’s abducted a prince, and the sixteen-year-old girl who sets out to rescue him.</p> <p>Angel ...
    • Stereotyping: the effect of author's education on perceived writing ability 

      Serphillips, Heather (2007-06-12)
      The current study evaluated educational achievement stereotyping and its presence in reading. Ninety-one undergraduate participants read the same article with varying authors and answered the same questionnaire. There were ...
    • Steve Luciano (interview) 

      Luciano, Steve; Mutz, Dan (interviewer) (2008-05-15)
      Luciano is from Tuckahoe, NY and served on a PT Boat in the U.S. Navy during the years: 1944-1946. He participated in search and rescue missions involving downed pilots.
    • Sticks and Stones 

      Ungar, Daniel (2009-12-17)
      Thesis Abstract This Thesis Project is in two parts. Part one is a short fictional story about a high school student named Brandon Davis. Brandon gets picked on constantly by the athletic "cool kids" of the ...
    • Storage Kids 

      Shimko, Brianna (2012-12-13)
      "Storage Kids" is a short story about Abby, a twelve-year-old girl with no memory who wakes up trapped in a white room with only a bed to sleep in and a tray of food to eat from. She must learn who she is, where she is, ...
    • Strout Senior Thesis 2009 

      Strout, David (2009-06-12)
    • Stuck in Neutral 

      Ferry, Mark (2007-12-18)
      This complete screenplay is a story of John Walsh who, years after a terrible auto accident must face the realities of the severe short-term memory loss he suffered as a result. After attending a high school reunion, he ...
    • Student & Faculty News 

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