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    • Crossover 

      Buonadonna, Anthony (2011-12-08)
      This thesis project contains the fully scripted prologue and first chapter, full chapter summaries of chapters 2-7 as well as the epilogue, and the prologue first draft sketches of a graphic novel Crossover. Tilly, a ...
    • Curriculum Project to be implemented at The Bay Academy for the Arts and Sciences, I.S. 98, Brooklyn, NY 

      Southard, Allison (2011-08-31)
      The revised curriculum for my 8th grade ELA class is based on the current state and national standards. Since New York State is adopting the Common Core Standards there needs to be some revision and thought to how the ...
    • Day Dreamer 

      Simas, Rebecca (2010-12-16)
      This project is the completed short story, Day Dreamer. Amy Rigby, the story's narrator, uses her wit and imagination to escape from her home life where her lonely father ignores her after the death of her twin ...
    • dddd 

      Unknown author (2011-04-26)
    • Debilitating and Facilitating Anxiety Effects on Identification 

      Moyer, Katherine H. (2009-02-19)
      Thirty-nine students and two employees at a public northeastern university voluntarily participated in the experiment. Participants were asked to complete an anxiety questionnaire, then to view briefly and identify in ...
    • Defining Pornography 

      Robinson, Sarah
    • Desert Dust 

      Goldman, Jonathan (2010-05-11)
      This collection of short stories covers events before during and after the author's time in the military. The title "Desert Dust" refers to the psychological and emotional effects that the environment of Iraq had on the ...
    • Developmental Morphology of New World Podostemaceae: Marathrum and Vanroyenella 

      Rutishauser, Rolf; Novelo R., Alejandro; Philbrick, Tom (1999-01-01)
      Podostemaceae live in swift-running rivers with stony beds, mainly in the Tropics. This article is a comparative study of three Marathrum spp. (M. rubrum, M. schiedeanum, and M. tenue) and the monotypic genus Vanroyenella ...
    • Diamond Starred Twilight 

      Sacrider, Andrew (2012-12-13)
      Thesis Abstract. The short story "Diamond Starred Twilight" is about Chris Sanchez, a foul mouthed artist living in Oklahoma where six years ago he watched his long time lover be murdered by a gang of homophobic men. ...
    • Dictionary of Developmental Biology and Embryology, 2nd edition 

      Dye, Frank (Wiley, New Jersey, 2012-02-01)
      Developmental biology is the study of the mechanisms of development, differentiation, and growth in animals and plants at the molecular, cellular, and genetic levels. The discipline has gained prominence in part due to new ...
    • Digging Up the Past 

      Donofrio, Allison (2011-05-17)
      Digging up the Past is a short story divided into three sections depicting the struggles and pressures of high school life. Three lesson plans are included to present to high school students about the universality in the ...
    • Dilious of Creaton 

      Bourne, R. Johnathan (2008-05-16)
      To spare his wife, Dilious of Creaton is forced to lead an army of evil into the gates of Zeus's heavens. This is the epic journey of one man who braves the odds and sets free the victims under the reign of Janus, once a ...
    • Dividing Secrets 

      Kinsella, Christina (2017-12-17)
      <p><em>Dividing Secrets</em> is an 80,000-word family-centered mystery novel set in Westchester, NY. The story is told through alternating close third-person perspectives between criminal defense attorney, Sophia Rossi, ...
    • Does rap or rock music provoke violent behavior? 

      Tropeano, Eliana (2006-09-20)
      This study examined whether or not watching a violent music video would provoke individuals to answer questions with violent responses. Eleven participants watched a violent music video, 11 participants watched a nonviolent ...
    • Dr. John Casale (interview) 

      Casale, John, Jr.; McCloskey, Timothy (interviewer) (2008-04-17)
      Interview with Dr. Casale who served as a doctor in the European theater towards the end of World War II. The interview gives unique insight into what a doctor serving in the war was like.
    • Dreamless 

      Cardenas, Wilson (2012-12-13)
      Dreamless represents the first three chapters of a fantasy novel about Daniel Garland, a high school senior, who for the past eighteen years has suffered a strange curse: he cannot sleep unless he eats another person's ...
    • Dreams Away & Animal 

      McKay, Nicole (2013-12-12)
      These two creative non-fiction pieces, "Dreams Away" and "Animal," tell the stories of two different musicians whose paths are intertwined in the journey for a successful band. In "Dreams Away," Jay starts out as an aspiring ...
    • Editor's Note 

      Manes, R. Averell