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    • Editor's Note 

      Manes, R. Averell
    • Editor's Note 

      Manes, R. Averell
    • Editorial: Birth of a Journal 

      Barrett, Daniel (2006-09-25)
    • Editorial: Onward and Upward! 

      Barrett, Daniel (2007-06-12)
      In Spring of 2006 we were very excited to see the fruition of a year of hard work on the Journal of Undergraduate Psychological Research. Not only was the journal published on time, the cover colorful and attractive, the ...
    • Edmund Randolph and Virginia Constitutionalism 

      Gutzman, Kevin (2004-01-01)
    • Effects of making moral decisions on moral hypocrisy 

      Finney, Jennifer (2006-09-20)
      The effect of making a moral decision on ratings of moral and immoral behaviors was investigated to see if there were differences based on whether the participant made a moral or immoral decision prior to completing ...
    • Effects of modality: examining the influence of auditory and visual formats on false recognition 

      Van Buskirk, Christa I. (2007-06-12)
      The present study investigated the effects of modality (method of presentation) on false memory. It was hypothesized that an auditory format (audio tape) would produce a significantly greater incidence of false memory ...
    • Effects of Social Class on Body Image and Self-Esteem 

      Caposella, Amanda (2009-02-20)
      Do the images people are exposed to on a daily basis from magazine ads to billboards affect women's self esteem? Forty undergraduate students viewed images of women in different professions and of different body types to ...
    • Effects of Social Influence and Persuasion on Paranormal Beliefs 

      Vallee, Jenna M. (2009-02-20)
      In the last decade scholars have unexpectedly found that beliefs in the paranormal were not significantly lower in college students vs. the general population. This research has produced a lot of controversy and concern ...
    • Elizabeth Smith (interview) 

      Smith, Elizabeth; Walters, Nicole (2008-05-07)
      Smith talked about her experience serving as a nurse for the army. She signed up and was immediately sent over to Iraq where she had to stay on a ship due to the fact that there were no barracks. Once they were able to ...
    • Empathy as an indicator of subsequent altruistic behavior 

      Stutz, Francisca; Crispino, Michelle (2007-06-12)
      Helping behavior and its motivation has been a popular topic of discussion throughout the centuries. Some researchers suggest that we are able to help others for altruistic reasons if we feel empathy for them. Others say ...
    • Encontra 

      Shaw, Rebecca (2019-05-01)
      <p><em>Encontra</em> is a fantasy romance novel of about 61,000 words. The story centers around Kyra and her four friends as they discover that they are the focus of a legend from a forgotten civilization. As she and her ...
    • Endemism in Neotropical Podostemaceae 

      Philbrick, Tom; Bove, Claudia; Stevens, Hannah (2010-01-01)
      Podostemaceae, a family of plants restricted to river rapids and waterfalls, are widely reported to have a high degree of local species endemism. We tested this idea for Neotropical members of the family using historical ...
    • Enduring Traditions: The Native Peoples of New England 

      Weinstein, Laurie (Praeger Barbara, California, 1994-07-21)
      A collection of native New England histories written by anthropologists, native peoples, ethnobotanists and art historians. This collection of Native American histories written by anthropologists, native peoples, ethnobotanists, ...
    • Entangled Landscapes 

      Briggs, J. P.; Scrimgeour, James (Pudding House PressJohnstown, OH, 2002-11-01)
    • Enter the A.R.C. 

      Sogunro, Akintunde (2019-05-19)
      <p>Enter the galaxy Chronia, a massive collection of individual stars and planets, once living in blissful peace under the gentle rule of the late King Alastor, and his loyal White Blade guardians. After a sinister and ...
    • Evolution of Aquatic Angiosperm Reproductive Systems 

      Philbrick, Tom; Les, Donald (1996-12-01)
    • Exine Reduction in Underwater Flowering Callitriche 

      Philbrick, Tom; Osborn, J.M. (1994-10-01)
      Both aerial and underwater pollination systems (hypohydrophily) occur in Callitriche (Callitrichaceae), and as such the genus can serve as a model system in which to probe questions concerning the evolution of hypohydrophily ...