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    • A Brief History of WXCI 

      Delille, Christopher (2008-09-04)
    • A History of DreamWorks/SKG 

      McGuire, Grant (2007-12-11)
      This project is a comprehensive history of the DreamWorks entertainment company, which chronicles the corporation's thirteen year existence from 1994 until the present of 2007. Focus is placed on the successes and failures ...
    • Becoming a Journalist: Experiences & Stories 

      Ryan, Kathryn (2010-05-11)
      This thesis project centers on the author's experience of reporting a small collection of news stories about the Greater Danbury area. The reporter sought stories that are not being told in the local newspaper, The News ...
    • Generation Last: An instrument for classroom instruction 

      Laura, Isaac (2008-12-18)
      Abstract This is a thesis project intended to foster the creative writing and critical thinking skills of upper level high school students. The story is designed to engage students in thinking outside the realm of the ...
    • "Going Up?" 

      Doolittle, Kara (2009-12-17)
      This project has two parts. The first part is a short, one-act play satirizing ambition in an inner city office environment. The play centers on the competition between two office workers, Steven and Jane, and "Flunkie" ...
    • Hunting Dragons 

      Gerhard, Zakariaz (2007-12-18)
      This project is a short novella about a young apprentice blacksmith, Charles, who is thrown a completely different life than he imagined in the imaginary world of Pern. As an apprentice to his incredibly successful ...
    • My Guide to Teaching Writing 

      Slie, Shelby (2007-12-18)
      This project is a guide to teaching writing at the high school level. It includes exercises and projects to use in the classroom to help students become better writers. The writing samples consist of ways to get ideas ...
    • Stuck in Neutral 

      Ferry, Mark (2007-12-18)
      This complete screenplay is a story of John Walsh who, years after a terrible auto accident must face the realities of the severe short-term memory loss he suffered as a result. After attending a high school reunion, he ...
    • The Children Left Behind 

      Zeller, Maura (2007)
      The following paper is a collection of researched data and personal stories from teaching professionals about the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) of 2001 and the stress that accommodates standardized testing. As well as ...
    • Undergraduate Thesis Requirements 

      WRT465 (2007-11-27)
      Outline of format and content requirements for undergraduate theses.
    • untitled 

      Greene, Travis (2012-12-13)
      This is a piece of memoir. I was diagnosed with Traumatic Brain Injury in the fall of 2008 after flipping my Mini Cooper over a median of the Merritt Parkway and crashing it into a tree. This is an account of my life during ...
    • Walker's Moon 

      Weiss, Leia (2007-12-19)
      This thesis contains the opening chapters of the novel Walker's Moon and an outline of this novel. Walker's Moon is a fantasy story of an average man who is forced to become a monster by individuals that have the ability ...