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    • Keep Moving Forward 

      Trejo, Jes (Jes Trejo, 4/28/2012)
      Keep Moving Forward is a story written in the inspiration of author Charles Bukowski, specifically in spirit of Ham On Rye. Similarly to that novel, this story is written in the form of dirty realism, with an intended ...
    • Life or Death 

      Spada, Shannon (2012-05-01)
      In this complete short story, entitled "Life or Death," cousins Dee and Casey Larson think they know their family and the ones they love. They think they know what will happen next. They think everything is written in a ...
    • Retrospect 

      Lopez-Gay, Jazmyn (2013-12-12)
      Retrospect is a collection of three creative non-fiction stories. Together they create one cumulative piece ending with an epilogue on the stories as a whole. Each of the stories is named for a man they revolve around; ...