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    • Endemism in Neotropical Podostemaceae 

      Philbrick, Tom; Bove, Claudia; Stevens, Hannah (2010-01-01)
      Podostemaceae, a family of plants restricted to river rapids and waterfalls, are widely reported to have a high degree of local species endemism. We tested this idea for Neotropical members of the family using historical ...
    • Monograph of Castelnavia (Podostemaceae) 

      Philbrick, Tom; Bove, Claudia; Edson, Thomas (2009-01-01)
      A monograph of Castelnavia is presented. Phylogenetic analyses of morphological characters reveal eight nonhomoplasious synapomorphies supporting the monophyly of the genus: 1) absence of roots, a 2) unilocular mature, 3) ...