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dc.contributor.authorWoods, Thomas
dc.contributor.authorGutzman, Kevin
dc.description.abstract<p>"Woods and Gutzman (two bestselling authors in thePolitically Incorrect Guide series) appeal to both left and right in this constitutionalist jeremiad. Liberals will agree about the unconstitutionality of the draft, warrantless wiretapping and presidential signing statements. Conservatives will agree about the unconstitutionality of school busing, bans on school prayer and Roosevelt's suspension of the gold standard. The common thread is the authors' brief for a federal government strictly limited to the powers explicitly granted by the Constitution.</p> <p>The authors' exegeses of the Constitution and court decisions, heavy on original intent arguments, are lucid and telling, but not always consistently supportive of liberty: their reading of the First Amendment implies that state governments may restrict speech, religion and the press. Their attack on expansive federal power-even federal spending on cancer research-is perhaps too successful; it inadvertently supports scholars like Daniel Lazare who argue that the Constitution is too antiquated, constraining and hard to change to keep up with a modern consensus on civil rights and good governance." <br />—<em>Publishers Weekly </em>review</p>
dc.publisherThree Rivers Press
dc.titleWho Killed the Constitution?
dc.subject.keywordU.S. constitution
dc.subject.keywordU.S. governmental power
dc.publisher.cityNew York

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