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    • A Call to Arms to Grieve Over Themselves: Chinese Intellectual Trends in the Early Twentieth Century 

      Zhou, Guangyi (2008-01-01)
      On August 11, 1872, the Chinese government sent a total of 120 young men, who ranged from seven to thirteen years old, to the United States of America for fifteen years of study. The Chinese government paid stipends to ...
    • Afghanistan War Veteran 

      Bergquist, Carl (2008-05-19)
      Member of C Company, 1st Battalion, 102nd Infantry deployed to Afghanistan. Described his experiences working for the Provincial Reconstruction Team in the North Eastern part of Afghanistan.
    • An Interview with Quinten Metke 

      Jowdy, Chris (2007-08-31)
      Quinten Metke immigrated to the United States in 1980 from Canada and details his own journey to America and the similar cultural sentiments of the border nation.
    • An Oral History Interview with Helen Fahey Roche 

      Mikhail, Eivilin (2007-08-31)
      Helen Roche was born of turn of the century immigrant parents. She presents the life of Michael Fahey, her father, the hardships of the era which forced him to immigrate, his service in WWI and goes on to detail his first ...
    • An Oral History Interview with Rosemary Pascasio 

      Olivieri, Jessica (2007-08-08)
      Rosemary Pascasio a native of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic immigrated to the Danbury Area fourteen years ago with her family seeking a better quality of life. Rosemary discusses her process of applying for citizenship ...
    • Andrews Interview 

      Catino, Jon; Andrews, Richard; Andrews, Louise (2008-05-16)
      Richard Andrews, a WWII veteran, describes his experiences traveling through different basic training camps in the United States and then discusses his time in France and Germany during World War II. He tells of his time ...

      Coghlan, William (2022-09-06)
      This thesis argues that the Irish Brigade’s reliance on the Irish-American communities of Boston, New York, and Philadelphia was crucial to its continued existence throughout the Civil War. The Irishmen continued the ...
    • Bending the Rules: How Canton Became the Success it Was not Meant to Be 

      Bragason, Sveinn (2005-05-01)
      Much has been written on the First Opium War (1839-42), which forced open the trade ports of the Chinese Celestial Kingdom. However, relatively little research has been done that looks more closely at what factors enabled ...
    • Berto Civitillo (interview) 

      Civitillo, Berto; Schrager, Derek (2008-05-05)
      Civitillo was an Italian radio operator for the Italian army during WWII. Fought in North Africa and was captured near Tobruk.
    • Bob Milo (interview) 

      Simeone, Nicholas (interviewer); Milo, Robert J. (2008-04-14)
      Bob Milo served in the United States Coast Guard from 1942-45.He served during the second world war in the south west Pacific. He served on the USS LST 26, which was a landing ship and transport vessel used for transporting ...
    • Brian Libelt (interview) 

      Gleeson, Mary (2008-05-07)
      Brian Libelt was in the 1st squad, 3rd Platoon, 94th MP Company assigned as a mark 19 gunner, a grenade launcher usually attached to a hummer. He was also trained in urban warfare, which required him to go on "snatch and ...
    • Charlie Flaherty (interview) 

      Flaherty, Charlie; Kmetz, Stephen (2008-05-14)
      Flaherty signed up for the Navy but was transferred to the U.S. Army to be a train conductor . Helped in the transportation of liberated concentration camp inmates.
    • Charlie Munch (interview) 

      Munch, Charlie; Stalvey, William (interviewer) (2008-05-07)
      Munch flew oil tankers from India over the "hump" (Himalayas) into China 1944-1945. He was also a flight instructor early in the war. He was the commander of the Sherman Veterans Society.
    • Corporal, USMC, Iraq War Vet 

      Lauber, James (2008-05-19)
      USMC Iraq War Vet Jimmy Lauber, wounded in Fallujah by a hand grenade. Member of C Company 1/25 Marines.
    • Dr. John Casale (interview) 

      Casale, John, Jr.; McCloskey, Timothy (interviewer) (2008-04-17)
      Interview with Dr. Casale who served as a doctor in the European theater towards the end of World War II. The interview gives unique insight into what a doctor serving in the war was like.
    • Edmund Randolph and Virginia Constitutionalism 

      Gutzman, Kevin (2004-01-01)
    • Elizabeth Smith (interview) 

      Smith, Elizabeth; Walters, Nicole (2008-05-07)
      Smith talked about her experience serving as a nurse for the army. She signed up and was immediately sent over to Iraq where she had to stay on a ship due to the fact that there were no barracks. Once they were able to ...