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    • An Interview with Quinten Metke 

      Jowdy, Chris (2007-08-31)
      Quinten Metke immigrated to the United States in 1980 from Canada and details his own journey to America and the similar cultural sentiments of the border nation.
    • Oral History Interview with Carla Netto 

      Starks, Jessica (2007-08-31)
      Carla Netto sailed to America as a child, passing the Statue of Liberty on a boat. She tells of her childhood in America, the struggle to adapt to the education system, the language and the food. Having been through the ...
    • Oral History Interview with Tony Ssonko 

      Boylan, Will (2007-08-31)
      Tony Ssonko was placed in a boarding school at the age of four in Uganda, ever since then he dreamt of immigrating to America. His dream was fulfilled when he was chosen by a U.S. sponsored Immigrant Lottery. He discusses ...
    • Oral History Interview with Joseph DeSantis 

      Kallomaki, Jamie (2007-08-31)
      Joseph DeSantis served in the Italian Army, met his wife in Israel. After a divorce, he sought to re-connect with his daughter in the United States. He came to the United States in search of her, he adapted to life in the ...
    • Oral History Interview with Marie Borgia 

      Cullen, Peter (2007-08-31)
      Marie Borgia was born in Sicily with the onset of the Great Depression, followed by World War II. She recounts the story of her brother who served for the Allies in WWII and was taken prisoner. She talks of her arrival in ...
    • Oral History Interview with Jack Sikora 

      Herekar, Abhishek (2007-08-31)
      Jack Sikora, briefly describes the lives of his maternal and paternal grandparents who all immigrated to America from Poland. He then describes his only childhood and his role in the Vietnam War with its challenges and ...
    • Oral History Interview with Sabaythip Oumsou 

      Goodridge, Brendon (2007-08-31)
      Sabaythip describes how she and her family coped with assimilating American language and culture.
    • Oral History Interview with Lore McCarthy 

      Smith, Colleen (2007-08-31)
      Lore McCarthy describes life before Hitler came to power and when the tides turned and life became very difficult for the half-Christian half-Jewish girl. She discusses the conditions during the war, and her meeting with ...
    • Oral History Interview with Vineta Stolere 

      Moore, Cassandra (2007-08-31)
      Vinetta Stolere immigrated to the United States in 1995 and describes in detail her life under Communist rule and the effects it has had on her life.
    • Oral History Interview with Ravneet Kaur 

      Lee, Katherine (2007-08-31)
      Ravneet Kaur was born in India, then immigrated as a child with her family to the United States. She describes the immigration process and some of the challenges facing many new immigrants today.
    • Oral History Interview with Salome Benete 

      Jackson, Douglas Otto (2007-08-31)
      Salome Benete immigrated to America during the 1970's for employment. To make ends meet she worked various jobs, and taught herself English. She describes the early struggles which she and other Spaniard immigrants share ...
    • Oral History Interview with Anonymous 

      Music, Ilden (2007-08-31)
      Anonymous decided to immigrate to the United States after marrying her husband, who was already an American citizen. She describes her positive outlook of life under Communism and the benefits of her new life in America.
    • Oral History Interview with Josephine Rizzo 

      Fingerman, Thomas (2007-08-31)
      Josephine Rizzo sought to come to America for a life of better opportunities and to monetarily aid her parents back in Italy. She describes her resolve to be given a Visa to enter the United States, and continued further ...
    • Oral History Interview with Valeria Castanhari 

      Scott, Jennifer (2007-08-31)
      Valeria immigrated to Danbury largely based upon her familial visits in the area. She describes her expectations, the disappointments as well as her achievements in immigrating to the Greater Danbury area.
    • Oral History Interview with M.W. 

      Coll, Joseph (2007-08-31)
    • Oral History Interview with Margarete Deutseh 

      Hochheiser, Joseph (2007-08-31)
      Margarete and her mother left Austria to escape the Germans. She describes the journey of her brother and sister and the tragic loss of her father. She goes on to describe the later years of her life in America including ...
    • Oral History Interview with Carmine Hea 

      Dewesse, Katie (2007-08-31)
      Carmine immigrated from Italy and has lived in the United States for seven years. He describes his life in America as a Chef, he has received various awards for having the best pizza in the country.
    • Oral History Interview with Vinceza Borgesano 

      Steahowice, Kevin (2007-08-31)
      Vincenza immigrated to the United States in the 1970's from Italy. She describes her early life in Italy and
    • Oral History Interview with Francesco D. Piselli 

      Ballaro, Kimberly (2007-08-31)
      Francesco describes the state of his homeland after WWII and goes on to tell of his family's immigration. He describes the financial motivations of many Italian immigrants, including his own family's.
    • Oral History Interview with Luciano Bedini 

      Bedini, Luke (2007-08-31)
      Luciano immigrated with his family as a young age in search of a better life. He describes their seven year wait to obtain a Visa and the scrutinization that accompanied it.