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  • The Trading Athlete: Winning the Game of Online Trading 

    Murphy, Shane; Hirschhorn, Doug (Wiley York, 2001-08-01)
    "The best traders in the world know that being mentally prepared is absolutely essential to compete in today's markets. Without a firm understanding of the psychology of trading, even the best stock picker will fail. The ...
  • The Oxford Handbook of Sport and Performance Psychology 

    Murphy, Shane (Oxford University Press York, 2012-08-16)
    The Oxford Handbook of Sport and Performance Psychology includes the latest research and applied perspectives from leaders in the field of performance psychology. Current and comprehensive, this foundational volume presents ...
  • Cover 

    Unknown author (2009-02-23)
  • Backmatter 

    Unknown author (2009-02-20)
  • Effects of Social Class on Body Image and Self-Esteem 

    Caposella, Amanda (2009-02-20)
    Do the images people are exposed to on a daily basis from magazine ads to billboards affect women's self esteem? Forty undergraduate students viewed images of women in different professions and of different body types to ...
  • Effects of Social Influence and Persuasion on Paranormal Beliefs 

    Vallee, Jenna M. (2009-02-20)
    In the last decade scholars have unexpectedly found that beliefs in the paranormal were not significantly lower in college students vs. the general population. This research has produced a lot of controversy and concern ...
  • The Effects of Different Types of Music on Cognitive Abilities 

    Harmon, Laura; Troester, Kristen; Pickwick, Taryn; Pelosi, Giovanna (2009-02-20)
    A variety of research has been conducted on the effects of different types of music on cognitive abilities. Many of these studies are based upon the Mozart Effect, which claims that listening to classical music has an ...
  • The Effect of Relationships, Cost and Religion on College Students' Perceived Willingness to Help 

    St. Hilaire, Amber (2009-02-19)
    Previous research suggests that individuals who are more religious with positive relationships and in low personal cost situations are more likely to help. To test these theories, scenarios of varying costs, questionnaires, ...
  • The College Application Process: Do Letters of Recommendation Influence Decisions? 

    Mulhare, Caitlin E. (2009-02-19)
    Seven male and 13 female participants read a fictitious student's application to college that contained either a positive or negative letter of recommendation. They were then asked to make a decision regarding admission ...
  • The Effect of Disclosed Personal Information on Impression Formation 

    Shorey, Stephanie J. (2009-02-19)
    This study measured the effect of disclosed personal information on impression formation. Eight male and 23 female undergraduate students ranging in age from 18 to 41 were randomly assigned to read one of three descriptions ...
  • Student Opinion and Student Course Selection 

    DellaGioia, Mike (2009-02-19)
    This study examined the effects of student opinion on course selection. Twenty-nine undergraduate psychology students read a course description similar to those offered by a university course catalogue, then read either ...
  • The Effects of Competition and Physical Arousal on Attraction between Game Dyads 

    Medeiros, Kristen N. (2009-02-19)
    Research shows physical arousal can be misattributed to attraction for a partner, whereas research on the effects of competition is mixed. This study investigated the effects of competition and arousal on attraction. ...
  • Debilitating and Facilitating Anxiety Effects on Identification 

    Moyer, Katherine H. (2009-02-19)
    Thirty-nine students and two employees at a public northeastern university voluntarily participated in the experiment. Participants were asked to complete an anxiety questionnaire, then to view briefly and identify in ...
  • The Importance of Doing Research (Earnestly!) 

    Barrett, Danieal (2009-02-19)
  • Frontmatter 

    Unknown author (2009-02-19)
  • Editorial: Onward and Upward! 

    Barrett, Daniel (2007-06-12)
    In Spring of 2006 we were very excited to see the fruition of a year of hard work on the Journal of Undergraduate Psychological Research. Not only was the journal published on time, the cover colorful and attractive, the ...
  • The effect of teacher likability on student compliance 

    Morgan, Theresa Z.; Bergeron, Angela (2007-06-12)
    This study examined the effects of teacher likability on student compliance. Thirty undergraduate students participated in this study. The participants were given a description of a fictitious college professor. One group ...
  • Effects of modality: examining the influence of auditory and visual formats on false recognition 

    Van Buskirk, Christa I. (2007-06-12)
    The present study investigated the effects of modality (method of presentation) on false memory. It was hypothesized that an auditory format (audio tape) would produce a significantly greater incidence of false memory ...
  • The effects of note taking and mental rehearsal on memory 

    DeWitt, Sharon (2007-06-12)
    This study examined the effects of the use of two memory aids, note taking and mental rehearsal, on memory. Thirty-four undergraduate college students were assigned to either take notes on or think about words and ideas ...
  • Is the perceived humor of a video clip affected by a smile? 

    Samaha, Melinda L.; Simcoe, Tina (2007-06-12)
    In the past there have been many conflicting results from research done on the relationship between smiling and its effect on emotional responses. This experiment tested the theory that if a participant's mouth is manipulated ...

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