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    • Attitudes toward the willingness to help 

      Query, Patricia F. (2006-09-20)
      The social psychological issue of bystander intervention and helping behavior has been widely studied in a variety of situations ranging from direct observation of helping behavior to self-report indications of willingness ...
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      Unknown author (2009-02-20)
    • Character and crime: the effects of self-identity and decision making strategies 

      Kyek, Rosa (2007-06-12)
      A new variable, the Self-Identification Factor (i.e. the extent to which an individual can identify or relate to another person) may override other variables thought to influence suggestions for punishment. Level of ...
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      Unknown author (2009-02-23)
    • Debilitating and Facilitating Anxiety Effects on Identification 

      Moyer, Katherine H. (2009-02-19)
      Thirty-nine students and two employees at a public northeastern university voluntarily participated in the experiment. Participants were asked to complete an anxiety questionnaire, then to view briefly and identify in ...
    • Does rap or rock music provoke violent behavior? 

      Tropeano, Eliana (2006-09-20)
      This study examined whether or not watching a violent music video would provoke individuals to answer questions with violent responses. Eleven participants watched a violent music video, 11 participants watched a nonviolent ...
    • Editorial: Birth of a Journal 

      Barrett, Daniel (2006-09-25)
    • Editorial: Onward and Upward! 

      Barrett, Daniel (2007-06-12)
      In Spring of 2006 we were very excited to see the fruition of a year of hard work on the Journal of Undergraduate Psychological Research. Not only was the journal published on time, the cover colorful and attractive, the ...
    • Effects of making moral decisions on moral hypocrisy 

      Finney, Jennifer (2006-09-20)
      The effect of making a moral decision on ratings of moral and immoral behaviors was investigated to see if there were differences based on whether the participant made a moral or immoral decision prior to completing ...
    • Effects of modality: examining the influence of auditory and visual formats on false recognition 

      Van Buskirk, Christa I. (2007-06-12)
      The present study investigated the effects of modality (method of presentation) on false memory. It was hypothesized that an auditory format (audio tape) would produce a significantly greater incidence of false memory ...
    • Effects of Social Class on Body Image and Self-Esteem 

      Caposella, Amanda (2009-02-20)
      Do the images people are exposed to on a daily basis from magazine ads to billboards affect women's self esteem? Forty undergraduate students viewed images of women in different professions and of different body types to ...
    • Effects of Social Influence and Persuasion on Paranormal Beliefs 

      Vallee, Jenna M. (2009-02-20)
      In the last decade scholars have unexpectedly found that beliefs in the paranormal were not significantly lower in college students vs. the general population. This research has produced a lot of controversy and concern ...
    • Empathy as an indicator of subsequent altruistic behavior 

      Stutz, Francisca; Crispino, Michelle (2007-06-12)
      Helping behavior and its motivation has been a popular topic of discussion throughout the centuries. Some researchers suggest that we are able to help others for altruistic reasons if we feel empathy for them. Others say ...
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      Unknown author (2009-02-19)
    • How drive for thinness moderates the influence of media on female body image 

      Pavelo, Maria (2006-09-20)
      This study was designed to investigate how drive for thinness moderates the influence of media on female body image and self-esteem. Drive for thinness is defined as an excessive concern with dieting, preoccupation with ...
    • Investigating gender stereotypes in elementary education 

      Calvanese, Matthew M. (2007-06-12)
      Education is home to one of America's most pervasive gender stereotypes. A disproportionately low frequency of male elementary school teachers has reinforced such stereotypes. This study was designed to investigate gender ...
    • Is the perceived humor of a video clip affected by a smile? 

      Samaha, Melinda L.; Simcoe, Tina (2007-06-12)
      In the past there have been many conflicting results from research done on the relationship between smiling and its effect on emotional responses. This experiment tested the theory that if a participant's mouth is manipulated ...
    • Live or die? Effects of anonymity on moral decisions 

      Crayco, Kim (2007-06-12)
      Do morals change due to a specific situation? Thirty undergraduate students solved a series of moral dilemmas under one of two conditions. Participants were lead to believe they were going to discuss their answers in ...
    • Physiological measures of math anxiety as a function of wording 

      Medeiros, Kristen; Leclerq, Stephanie (2007-06-12)
      Research on the physiological effects of math anxiety is inconsistent. In this study, an electroencephalograph (EEG) machine was used to measure the cortical activity of 6 volunteer undergraduate students while each memorized ...
    • Stereotyping: the effect of author's education on perceived writing ability 

      Serphillips, Heather (2007-06-12)
      The current study evaluated educational achievement stereotyping and its presence in reading. Ninety-one undergraduate participants read the same article with varying authors and answered the same questionnaire. There were ...