Recent Submissions

  • Dictionary for Library and Information Science 

    Reitz, Joan (Libraries Unlimited, Connecticut, 2004-04-30)
    <p>Beginning in 1994 as a five-page handout, the <em>Dictionary of Library and Information Science</em> was soon expanded and converted to electronic format for installation on the Western Connecticut State University ...
  • Library support for accreditation: A guide to online resources 

    Schmiedel, Tom (2017-02-01)
    The resources on this guide provide information on accreditation from a variety of perspectives. First there are the national, regional, and disciplinary accreditation agencies. After that there are perspectives and ...
  • The Hidden Old Main 

    Caprino, J.T. (Jon-Thomas) (2015-10-01)
    While "Old Main" is WestConn's oldest and probably most iconic building, its interior and uses have changed considerably over the last century. For many years it was the college's only or main building (hence the name Old ...
  • Danbury’s Fire Bug of the 1880s and 1890s 

    Stevens, Brian (2015-07-01)
    The Connecticut State Firemen's Association, which was formed in 1885, reported that incendiarism was an increasing problem around Connecticut, but Danbury's fire bug of the 1880s and 1990s was extraordinary. The fire bug ...
  • Further Expansion of the Archivists' Toolkit into the ATReference 

    Stevens, Brian (2011-10-01)
    The open-sourced Archivists' Toolkit developed to streamline archival work-flows has seen the development of a patron registration module. This added development is called the ATReference and it is now available to archives ...
  • Experiences and Reactions: a trial implementation of the Archivists' Toolkit 

    Stevens, Brian (2008-12-15)
    Description of an implementation of the Archivists' Toolkit - an open-source archival management application.