Recent Submissions

  • On Thatcher Island 

    Scrimgeour, James (The Last Automat Press, NY, 2008-07-01)
  • Entangled Landscapes 

    Briggs, J. P.; Scrimgeour, James (Pudding House PressJohnstown, OH, 2002-11-01)
  • Monet in the 20th Century 

    Scrimgeour, James (Pudding HouseColumbus, OH, 2002-07-01)
  • The Route and Other Poems 

    Scrimgeour, James (Pikestaff Publications, IL, 2001-01-01)
    Scrimgeour’s poems are landscapes and portraits becoming each other. In them there seems a faith that the everyday details of this world, like an intricate seashell or piece of tide worn glass, contain within them marvelous ...
  • Goodbye Yeats and O’Neill: Farce in Contemporary Irish and Irish-American Narratives 

    Hagan, Edward (Rodopi York, 2010-01-01)
    The book is a study of works by more than a dozen authors, including Roddy Doyle, Nuala O’Faolain, Colum McCann, William Kennedy, Alice McDermott, Mary Gordon and Thomas Kelly. The study argues that farce has been a major ...
  • Balloons Over Stockholm 

    Scrimgeour, James (Fine Tooth Presshttp://www.finetoothpress.comWaterbury, CT, 2005-02-22)
    James Scrimgeour’s Balloons Over Stockholm takes the reader on dual trips – across the globe and into the heart and soul of the artist. The poet’s visit to Sweden is born out of necessity: he and his wife go to say goodbye ...
  • How to Heal the Sick in Three Easy Steps 

    Hayes, David (2016-12-31)
    <p><em>How to Heal the Sick in Three Easy Steps </em>is a 72,000 word literary fiction novel set in present day Waterbury, Connecticut that explores faith healing in the Christian community, religion that unites instead ...
  • The Familiars and Other Stories 

    Cummins, Ewan (2016-05-08)
    <p>ABSTRACT</p> <p><em> The Familiars and Other Stories</em> spans other times and other worlds: Michigan Territory during the War of 1812, Seleucid Palestine, feudal Japan, and a hidden world of horror in the contemporary ...
  • What I Learned From Friday Nights 

    Turley, Beth (2016-05-22)
    <p><em>What I Learned from Friday Nights</em> is a 50,000 word contemporary young adult novel on the issues that keep teenagers quiet. The novel focuses specifically on the topic of abortion and the emotional complications ...

    Veazey, Karen (2016-05-22)
    <p>ANXIOUS: SAVING MY SELF FROM MY BRAIN is the story of a childhood and adolescence colored by depression and anxiety. In raw, personal moments, the memoir explores how untreated psychological problems impact a developing ...
  • Firefly 

    Munver, Sharmil (2020-12-18)
    <p><strong>Summary</strong></p> <p>My story, <em>The Promise,</em> is a work of science fiction. It unfolds from two points of view: Maya Lee the human protagonist, and Ben, the alien main character.</p> <p>Maya, a loner, ...
  • Rocky Rhode: An Ice Cream Lover's Guide to Rhode Island 

    Clark, Molly (2020-12-18)
    <p><em>Rocky Rhode: An Ice Cream Lover’s Guide to Rhode Island</em> features forty-seven ice cream destinations, about four hundred lodging, restaurant, and attraction destinations spread across twenty-nine cities and ...
  • Scanning Jordan 

    McCadden, Jessica (2016-05-22)
    <p><em>Scanning Jordan</em> is a 56,000-word young adult dystopian novel about a sixteen-year-old girl in the near future who lives with the compound of Ubble, a powerful corporation that is taking over the world and ...
  • Just Your Average Flag Twirler 

    Nevin, Chelsea (2020-12-01)
    <p><em>Just Your Average Flag Twirler</em> is a coming of age story about Darlene “Weezy” Weasner, a sixteen-year-old girl who loves color guard. Ever since she joined marching band in ninth grade, she’s created a family ...
  • At the Altar of the Past 

    farina, ronald; Farina, Ronald (2020-12-20)
    In October 1966, Tad Forte said goodbye to Ellis Buck and joined the war in Vietnam. Before he left, he slipped a ring on Ellis’s finger. She promised to wait for his return, but a promise, when the world is at war, is a ...
  • The 36th Line 

    Striano, Hope (2020-05-17)
    <p>Abstract</p> <p><em>The 36<sup>th</sup> Line</em> is a full-length drama that uses humor, sometimes bordering on slapstick, to diffuse the intensity of family obligations and a daughter’s need to break free of them. It ...
  • On Good Authority 

    McGuckin, Briana (2020-05-30)
    <p><em>On Good Authority</em> is a Victorian Gothic novel. It begins with two workhouse adolescents sneaking away to play a game: Marian acts the part of a thief, and Valentine arrests and punishes her. This awakens a sense ...
  • Arol's Verse 

    Dyer, Brendan (2020-05-15)
    <p><em>Arol’s Verse</em> is a novella in verse that tells the story of a mariner who leaves Denmark (identified as Dane-land) in search of the hero, Beowulf, in order to save the people of Heorot from the monster, Grendel.</p>
  • Spellbound 

    Arce, Ivette (2020-05-17)
    <p>Spellbound is a 72,000-word modern teen fantasy novel told from the perspectives of both the monstrous, magical creature who’s abducted a prince, and the sixteen-year-old girl who sets out to rescue him.</p> <p>Angel ...
  • The Look-Back Window: A Journalist's Memory of Murders, Men, and the Media 

    Peterson, Lisa (2019-12-19)
    <p>Journalist Lisa N. Peterson in her true-crime memoir, <em>The Look-Back Window: A Journalist’s Memory of Murders, Men, and the Media, </em>revisits her life as a newspaper reporter in the 1980s when she covered the ...

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