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    • Editorial: Birth of a Journal 

      Barrett, Daniel (2006-09-25)
    • Editorial: Onward and Upward! 

      Barrett, Daniel (2007-06-12)
      In Spring of 2006 we were very excited to see the fruition of a year of hard work on the Journal of Undergraduate Psychological Research. Not only was the journal published on time, the cover colorful and attractive, the ...
    • Effects of modality: examining the influence of auditory and visual formats on false recognition 

      Van Buskirk, Christa I. (2007-06-12)
      The present study investigated the effects of modality (method of presentation) on false memory. It was hypothesized that an auditory format (audio tape) would produce a significantly greater incidence of false memory ...
    • Effects of Social Class on Body Image and Self-Esteem 

      Caposella, Amanda (2009-02-20)
      Do the images people are exposed to on a daily basis from magazine ads to billboards affect women's self esteem? Forty undergraduate students viewed images of women in different professions and of different body types to ...
    • Effects of Social Influence and Persuasion on Paranormal Beliefs 

      Vallee, Jenna M. (2009-02-20)
      In the last decade scholars have unexpectedly found that beliefs in the paranormal were not significantly lower in college students vs. the general population. This research has produced a lot of controversy and concern ...
    • Empathy as an indicator of subsequent altruistic behavior 

      Stutz, Francisca; Crispino, Michelle (2007-06-12)
      Helping behavior and its motivation has been a popular topic of discussion throughout the centuries. Some researchers suggest that we are able to help others for altruistic reasons if we feel empathy for them. Others say ...
    • Evaluation of Stream Water Quality at the WCSU Westside Nature Preserve 

      Fitzgerald, Mark P.; Nevesky, Harry A.; Dye, Frank J. (2011-05-15)
      This study was conducted to evaluate the water quality of the stream on the Westside Nature Preserve (WNP) of Western Connecticut State University. Stream water quality at the WNP, since the construction of a new magnet ...
    • Experiences and Reactions: a trial implementation of the Archivists' Toolkit 

      Stevens, Brian (2008-12-15)
      Description of an implementation of the Archivists' Toolkit - an open-source archival management application.
    • Fake item for testing 

      Fake, Fake (2022)
    • Fast Food and Today's Culture 

      Yatsko, Christina (2013-12-12)
      This is a Journalistic long-feature story about fast food and how it has evolved from the 1950s until today. The feature discusses the history of fast food, the theology behind the menus, the economic boom in the fast food ...
    • Frontmatter 

      Unknown author (2009-02-19)
    • Gendered Expectations; Moderate Deviance in Georgian London 

      McDonald, Shannon (2011-05)
      The Duchess of Devonshire was a passionate participant in the Westminster Election of 1784. Her experience is an illustrious example of a woman in history who faced ridicule due to failure to comply to her gender and social ...
    • How drive for thinness moderates the influence of media on female body image 

      Pavelo, Maria (2006-09-20)
      This study was designed to investigate how drive for thinness moderates the influence of media on female body image and self-esteem. Drive for thinness is defined as an excessive concern with dieting, preoccupation with ...
    • Insights into Women's Seders 

      Stambler, Leah (2008-04-08)
      Women's seders have been growing in popularity around the world. Organizations in Israel, Britain, Canada and across the United States now sponsor women's seders. They have become increasingly common in recent years for ...
    • Investigating gender stereotypes in elementary education 

      Calvanese, Matthew M. (2007-06-12)
      Education is home to one of America's most pervasive gender stereotypes. A disproportionately low frequency of male elementary school teachers has reinforced such stereotypes. This study was designed to investigate gender ...
    • Is the perceived humor of a video clip affected by a smile? 

      Samaha, Melinda L.; Simcoe, Tina (2007-06-12)
      In the past there have been many conflicting results from research done on the relationship between smiling and its effect on emotional responses. This experiment tested the theory that if a participant's mouth is manipulated ...
    • Jonestown 

      Gagnier, Christian (2013-12-12)
      This screenplay, projected to be between 120-150 pages, chronicles Reverend Jim Jones' life from youth, adulthood, and eventual descent into madness, leading to the murder/suicide of over 900 People's Temple members. The ...
    • Live or die? Effects of anonymity on moral decisions 

      Crayco, Kim (2007-06-12)
      Do morals change due to a specific situation? Thirty undergraduate students solved a series of moral dilemmas under one of two conditions. Participants were lead to believe they were going to discuss their answers in ...
    • Monster Al and Friends 

      Sortor, Stanislava (2013-12-12)
      My Thesis writing project is a children's book with original photographs for ages 5 - 8.The story follows the main character, Monster Al, who is an extraterrestrial being from the planet Gliese 581g. Monster Al and his ...