Connecticut K-12 Schools Safety and Security Needs Assessment Report

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Bernhardt, Amery E.
Lomas, Gabriel I.
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Technical Report
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The main objective of this assessment was to examine the perspectives of a variety of school employees to determine the needs related to safety, security, and mental health issues in Connecticut schools.
We are grateful for collaborative partnerships that made this research possible. The development and distribution of the survey would not be possible without the dedication and collaboration from the following partners: H. Thomas Brant, Amity Regional School District No. 5, Connecticut Association of School Psychologists; Jay Brown, Connecticut Department of Education; John Byrne, SMG Corporate Services; Dr. Jo Ann Freiberg, School Climate Consultants; Dr. Paula Gill Lopez, Fairfield University; TFC. Trevor Gregor, Connecticut State Police, State SRO Liaison; Dr. Jeffrey Kitching, EdAdvance, Connecticut RESC Alliance; Dr. Joseph Kobza, Monroe Public Schools; SA Marc LaFrance, FBI New Haven Field Office; Kimberly Laughlin, New Fairfield Public Schools; Dan Levy, Hamden Public Schools; Robert Mahoney, Department of Homeland Security; Deputy Chief Shaun McColgan, Danbury Police; Officer Robert Morlock, Danbury Police; Jeff Nielsen, Milford Public Schools; Dr. Beth Smith, Educational Consultant; William Turley, Connecticut Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security