The 20th Century of American Fashion: 1900 - 2000

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Kass, Alison G.
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Fashion , Style , American Fashion , Woman's Clothing , Retro Fashion , Vintage Clothing , Trends , Chanel , Louis Vuitton , Bell-bottom jeans , Corsets , Preppy , Hippies , Hippie Culture , Denim , Woman's Workwear , Disco Fever , Mod Fashion , Pinup art , Hollywood , Glamour , Celebrity Style , Department Stores , Shopping , Designers , Designer Clothes , Flower Child , Flower power , Self expression , Fads , Decades , Flappers , Hip-hop , The Great Depression , World War I , World War II , 20th Century fashion , Goth fashion
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This thesis project is a collection of articles that discuss American fashion during the 20th century. The articles are grouped by decade, starting in the year 1900 and finishing in the year 2000; with a double-decade piece for the beginning of the century. Fashion is an ever-changing, growing entity that connects with every person in the United States; some embrace it while others ignore it, yet fashion has a place in the American society that is constant. Through world wars and depressions, fashion takes on revolutionary hardships and transforms itself accordingly, becoming selections of style that fit every occasion, taste, and social standard. What happens in society is demonstrated in fashion. Coco Chanel quoted, "fashion is always of the time in which you live." These articles correspond to and represent that.