The Battle for Elyria

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Dreskin, Benjamin
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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)
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Writing, Linguistics, and Creative Process
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<p>Jacob is a simple farmer living with his mother and siblings on the outskirts of the Elyrian Empire, when Alyssa, wearing member of the Order’s livery, the kingdom’s network of militant agents, arrives at his home and holds his family hostage. Alyssa is wounded and on a mission, but before she has the chance to continue, her pursuers arrive.</p> <p>The Brut, a species of newly corrupted wildlife, swarm Elyria. Jacob’s family perishes to the Brut’s attack, and he loses an arm in the battle. Alyssa promises to bring Jacob to the heart of Elyria, a land more secure from the flood of beasts that terrorize his country.</p> <p>Jacob’s journey inland gives him a glimpse into the condition of his country, and he begins to understand the nature of Elyria. He also learns more about himself and the man he must become to survive. Jacob sheds his naïve mindset as his trust is betrayed and his companions are threatened. With no last resort, Jacob must defend himself and his friends against enemies from all sides.</p>