Before The Snap

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Martin, Norvell
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Short story
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football , quarterback
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Before The Snap is an emotional football story of a young quarterback name Quincy Best that talks about going into his biggest game of his life; a state championship. He is also companied by his teammates Ricky Bivens, Chris Carter, Todd Enfield, Larry and Ryan Gibbs (brothers), Leon and Ronald Taylor (also brothers) that grew up together and changed the whole Los Angeles High School football program. Quincy is given a book from Coach Carl Perry, also known as Coach C.P., and forced to read it throughout the rest of the season. As the practices and days go by, Coach C.P. is growing ill and has Quincy Best lead the team as a quarterback and head coach into the post-season playoffs with a shot at the state title game. The relationships, emotional battles, coaching, college scouts and all leading to the death of Coach C.P. puts a lot of pressure on Quincy as he prepares for a championship run.
A motivational and powerful football story of a young quarterback and his neighborhood teammates going through a tough high school senior season with the ultimate goal of winning their first state championship.