Johnny Boy

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Parisi, Peter
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Short story
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bartender , bartending
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Johnny Boy is a long short story about a young bartender, who works at a restaurant called Big Bob's, and his relationships with his father, his friend Rich, his fiancée, and his temptress. John, the main character, was raised by a strict father, who is too hard on him. Because of his upbringing, he has trouble between acting how he believes is the right way to act and his urges about how he wants to act. This causes John to deal with a lot of inner guilt. This guilt is most prevalent in his feelings towards Amanda. She is the temptress in my story. John is engaged to Kelly, who he sees as the perfect young woman, because of her sweet personality, education, and looks, but despite this view, he can't help how strongly he is attracted to Amanda. This is the main example of his inner struggle of how he believes he should act and how he wants to act. Rich is another significant character in the story. He is a coworker and friend of John, and his view is that John should not be faithful to Kelly. Rich urges John to have some fun before John is actually married. Crack is a bar regular in my story, and he tells John not to get married. These close people in his life add to the difficulty John feels in his own mind. He continuously tells himself that he loves Kelly, but with all the exterior influences that he shouldn't be with her, it makes him question this idea over and over again. Johnny Boy is a tragic story that focuses on the choices John makes in his own life, specifically involving his fiancée. The ending of the story is a reflection of a life-lesson John believes in that he learned as a child. He has been taught that no matter what, one should keep a promise, as this is the basis to any credibility one has in life.
My story is a long short story about a young bartender and his struggle with guilt. He deals with relationships with his family, friends, temptress and fiancée.