The Effects of the Current Recession on Crime in America

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Noeding, Dane
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recession recidivism marijuana
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Abstract The following collection of articles examines the effects of the down turn in the American economy on crime. Through various personal interviews and research achieved through news articles, books, national institutions and televised specials this thesis has been broken into three journalistic pieces. The first article analyzes the broken corrections system in combination with the lack of jobs that have resulted from the current recession. The Manufacturing industry is one of the few that welcomes ex-offenders and nearly 2.8 million manufacturing jobs have been lost since 2001, drastically affecting the amount of people who reoffend. The second article analyzes the shift in crime to technological crimes. Robberies and burglaries are down even in places that the recession has hit the hardest, but internet scams are running rampant, ripping off everyone, including an elderly New Milford, Conn. woman. The third and final article is a historical contrast to the prohibition of alcohol during the 20's and early 30's and America's current prohibition of marijuana in correlation to their impact on crime. The article also analyzes what a marijuana legalized nation would do to the American economy considering it is already America's number one cash crop.