A Story About A Guy: The Continuing Adventures Of A Man Who Adventures

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Prezelski, Samuel
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funny , comedy , Fantasy , swords , carl , tiger , manatee , bandit , bizarre , man , aldo , great , wizard , narrator , I know this isn't going to benefit searches of this story in any way at all, but I'm adding in anyway , story , about , guy , continuing , adventures , massacre , acrobat , disembodied , Mastiff Effect , action , fighting , Sarcasm , Satire , walt , whitman , google , jesus , god , expletive , bartender , kidnapping , bar , floppy hats
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A Story About A Guy: The Continuing Adventures Of A Man Who Adventures is a comedic story set in a fantasy setting. The premise is that the main character (who can both hear the narrator and refuses to let the audience know his name), is drinking in a bar when said bar is attacked by bandits. During the bandit raid, one of the patrons gets mortally injured, but does not die. This makes the main character wonder why he is relevant to the story. This causes the main character to interrogate The Man for his name, only to have The Man be more and more severely injured by the bandits. This enrages the main character, who then slaughters most of the bandits, only to have The Man kidnapped by one of the bandit survivors. The main character (who is known throughout the story as "The Adventurer") then proceeds to go on an elaborate and unnecessary journey to find out The Man's name and why he is important to the plot.
Some people say I write like Walt Whitman. I don't know what to think about that.