The Benefits of Writing through Art in the Classroom

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Harris, Nicole
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Visual Arts , Creative Writing , Elementary School , Lesson Plan Unit , Visual Narrative Approach , Visual Learners , Third Mind , Ekphrasis , Multiple Intelligences , Drawing Development , Writing Development , Special Education , E.S.L. learners , Fiction , poetry , Story Elements , Third Grade , Art Conversations , Howard Gardener , Faith Zajicek , Mary Ann Reilly , Alexis Harris , Patricia Beiler , Janet Olson , Visual Narrative Drawing Program , Brent and Marjorie Wilson , Character , Plot , Setting , Dialogue , the art of teaching writing , Envisioning Writing , painting , drawing , photography , collage , sculpture , animation , Pixar , Art Workshop , Writer's Workshop
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This project has two parts. The first part reviews research that shows art as a successful method for teaching writing in the elementary school classroom. It stresses the importance of students creating art before writing a piece of fiction or poetry. Part one covers the theories behind the writing through art process as well as telling success stories of teachers who have implemented art in their writing lessons. Part two is a lesson plan unit that applies the writing through art process when teaching fiction to third grade students. The lesson unit engages students to first create in Art Workshops and then write in Writer Workshops. The students will explore character, setting, plot and dialogue through art and then develop these short story elements in written form.