Just Your Average Flag Twirler

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Nevin, Chelsea
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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)
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Writing, Linguistics, and Creative Process
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<p><em>Just Your Average Flag Twirler</em> is a coming of age story about Darlene “Weezy” Weasner, a sixteen-year-old girl who loves color guard. Ever since she joined marching band in ninth grade, she’s created a family among her classmates to void the gap of her absentee parents who pay more attention to her older siblings. She often relies on color guard to be her emotional outlet for stress, especially after losing a beloved uncle.</p> <p>Weezy believes her junior year will be extraordinary, especially when she learns she will perform in the All-American Marching Band, a select group of marching band and color guard students from across the country who perform in New York City on Thanksgiving Day. But when the school threatens to cut the marching band program due to a lack of funding, Weezy must step up and help her fellow classmates prove to the Board of Education why they need to keep the marching band program.</p> <p>After the color guard’s captain has a bad accident and breaks her foot, Weezy finds herself captain of the color guard, giving her the perfect opportunity to prove to herself and her parents she’s capable of leading a team. As the pressures of color guard begin to build, Weezy proves to herself and her parents she has the talent to lead her team to nationals while representing her school at the All-American Band.</p>