Killing It

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Bernier, Carolyn
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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)
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Writing, Linguistics, and Creative Process
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<p>Though Sloan has graduated college, she still lives with her parents in suburbia. It’s the late aughts and the economy has faltered. Poor job prospects dim Sloan’s view of life. She fights for a decent job and creative recognition, but both remain elusive. Two romantic relationships, welcome distractions, end badly. Sloan becomes sullen but more careful.</p> <p>Unable to hit certain milestones, Sloan instead clings to her precious few interests. She powers through solitary creative work. Her creative work is partly what saves her; her new friendships do the rest. After throwing herself into social situation after social situation, she has met the right kind of people: Olivia and Abe. They are true friends.</p> <p>Surprisingly, Sloan’s creative work leads to (moderate) financial success.</p> <p>Though her life reaches equilibrium, her anger still rages, and her sense of injustice is still inflamed. By now, she has accepted that she is a woman perpetually dissatisfied. Sloan feels restless and longs to be with a crowd of people she can relate to. She and Abe move from a small town to a city.</p>