The Girls: Three Separate Works for the Screen

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Castel, Katie
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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)
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Writing, Linguistics, and Creative Process
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<p>The Girls: Three Separate Works for the Screen</p> <p>Women play many roles throughout their lives, but perhaps the most underestimated relationships they experience are the ones they share with one another, specifically female friendships. These three works each explore the relationships between women in today’s world.</p> <p>"Magnets" plays off the typical rom-com set up. Instead of the girl having the sassy, supportive group of girlfriends who she relies on to find her guy, this girl relies on dating men to try and score some solid new girlfriends. I mean, what else is a girl supposed to do when all her friends have moved on to married life?</p> <p>"Strip and Run" is a comedy of characters script, in the vein of <em>Bridesmaids </em>and <em>The Bachelorette. </em>A close-knit bawdy group of millennial girlfriends are willing to do just about anything to rescue one of their own.</p> <p>"The Company" is the pilot episode of a suspense drama series. Its main focus is analyzing the spotlight put on the empowerment of women. There has been a megaphone given to the voice of female empowerment of late, which is long over due. However, where do the lines of justice begin to blur? Is the abuse of power in the name of empowerment something to fear?</p>